Since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 (England and Wales) and the Air Weapons and Licensing Act 2015 (Scotland) was introduced, all buyers of scrap metal, including mobile collectors, must ask you for photo identification.

Acceptable photo ID includes:

UK/EU Driving Licence
UK Passport
EU (European Union) / European Economic Area (EEA) Passports
UK Biometric Immigration Document
EU National ID Card
UK Firearm / Shotgun Licence

For payment, you will also need to bring a proof of address in addition to your photo identification. All forms of proof of address, including utility bills, are valid for three months only from the date they were issued.

Acceptable proof of address includes:

Bank or Building Society statement
Credit or Debit Card statement
Council Tax demand letter or statement
Utility bill such as water, electricity or gas (not including mobile phone)
Mortgage statement
HMRC correspondence
TV Licence

The easiest form of identification to bring is a UK driving licence, as this will serve as both your photo identification and proof of address. However, if you would like to cash your payment cheque on-site you will need to provide another proof of address.