EMR USA backs Baton Rogue families with donations and volunteer pledge

Scotlandville Community Development Corporation receives $3,500 for housing and cost-of-living support in Louisiana’s state capital.

EMR USA supporting Scotlandville Community Development Corporation

World-leading recycler, EMR USA has announced a significant donation to the Scotlandville Community Development Corporation (SCDC) as the organization scales up a raft of support for low-income families in Baton Rouge.

Amid soaring inflation and a spike in interest rates, the SCDC will provide affordable housing, secured loans for home buyers and a ‘financial literacy’ educational program, as well as community events for children and families in the city’s Scotlandville neighborhood.

SCDC says it is “dedicated to revitalizing the Baton Rouge community through affordable housing, education and economic and social development”.

The group is also developing a ‘community pantry’, which EMR USA will support, highlighting the company’s commitment to assisting Scotlandville residents through the current difficult economic climate and beyond.

In addition to its $3,500 donation, EMR USA will sponsor two SCDC events on October 21 and November 6 and donate a significant amount of volunteer support to help the organization deliver on its goals.

EMR USA is part of the EMR, a global leader in sustainable materials, and operates 19 recycling facilities across the Gulf Coast and Southern regions of the USA including: Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafyette in Louisiana; Brownsville, Houston and Dallas in Texas as well as Pensacola and Mobile in Alabama. The company supports a range of social and environmental charities and organizations across all of its sites.

Tony Schultz, ESG Manager at EMR USA, said:

“EMR USA has been a proud part of the Baton Rogue community for generations and we take our responsibility to help those in need extremely seriously.

“It’s particularly difficult out there right now and SCDC is a fantastic charity that not only works to support the lowest income families through tough times but also gives them the tools and knowledge they need to get back on their feet.

“While I’m incredibly happy to offer our donation to SCDC, I know our depot teams are also excited to get out and volunteer on a range of SCDC projects in Scotlandville, giving back to a community that has contributed so much to our business over the years.”